Celebrate Life!

I love life. All life. It comes in various forms and in all shapes and sizes. I enjoy celebrating life, something passed on from my dear mother. She celebrated everything and I do mean EVERYTHING! There is a standing joke in my family that my mom and I celebrate everything from Christmas to National Potato Day! Believe it or not, National Potato Day appears to exist but the celebratory event changes from year to year, or so it seems from my limited research. I’m​ not sure that this was the case when my mom was living on this side of eternity or else we would have eaten potato everything that day!

It is good to ruminate on my childhood days when life was simple and my mom and I could make an adventure or celebration out of just about anything​. For example, there was the impromptu picnic in the front yard with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches​. There were the walks to buy candy at the local pharmacy on a sunny spring afternoon. Have you ever heard of May Day? I don’t mean the cry for help, I am referring to the holiday. When I was a child, little girls got a May Basket on May 1st with, flowers and candy and other little spring trinkets in it. When my mother was small, she said that they also danced around a May Pole in the Boston, Ma, area, in addition to receiving the traditional May Basket. I’m afraid that this tradition has been lost in the shuffle of a life focused on trials, tribulations, ​and challenges versus​ that of the celebrations of life, love and all things beautiful​.

I am especially fond of holidays. There are a few days, in particular,​ that stand out for certain. The fall holidays, Christmas season and the Fourth of July are some of my favorites. Then, there are the simpler ones in life like birthdays and anniversaries. For us, a few are simple to celebrate but not always easy. Those would be the birthdays of those who have moved on to eternity and the anniversary of that glorious day. It’s bittersweet. I’m so happy that my friends and family are no longer chained to the cares of this life and the trouble it brings but I miss them, I especially miss my two youngest children​ who are predeceased. I no longer have those sunny smiles that would light up the darkest of days or the butterfly kisses that tickled both my cheek and my heart alike. On those bittersweet days, I usually love to go to Disney World, my children’s favorite place in the whole world. From opening until​ closing, I make my way through the happiest place on earth and remember all the special times we had together as a family. It does this mother’s heart good to feel as though I’m spending time with my children.

In the end, I know I can’t bring them back nor would I want to. However, I have found ways to celebrate their lives and be content with mine. At the same time, I’m looking forward to the day that God has planned, when we shall be together, walking hand in hand. For now, I’ll carry on until my life is through. And then, I’ll meet with my Lord, and he will lead me home. It is there that my children will be waiting for me with open arms. Now, that is a day that​ I’m looking forward too!

Till we meet again!


Author: ccelaynarose3

I'm happily married with five lovely children, three on this side of eternity and two with the Lord. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently reside in sunny Florida with my husband of 40 years. My passions are serving Jesus my Lord, genealogy, family, all things Disney and musical theater. My goals are to serve my Lord and Savior, care for my family and try my hand at creative writing projects. To God be the Glory!

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