Classic Cars

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I love classic cars! By “classic”, I mean antique cars, preferably from 1950’s and older. I’m into Edsels, Studebakers, Chevys, Buicks, any MG model and most Thunderbirds, to name a few. My favorite model is from the early 20th century, and that would be none other than, the infamous Model T Ford, which had a hand crank engine. You can still see an occasional Model T at car shows  today, but many have had their cranks removed and engines replaced with a newer model. In my opinion, there is just something not right about that. I like when everything is restored to its original beauty and function, the way it was meant to be from the beginning. I am especially delighted to see a classic car driven by its original owner, though, in the case of the Model T, most have passed on, and it’s their grandchildren that you may find driving the car.

As much as I know their names and, just maybe, I can tell you around what year the car was made, I cannot tell you much about how they run or what makes them “tick”, so to speak.

My husband can. He’s an expert on all things classic, including cars. He knows an eight cylinder engine from a six cylinder. He knows a water plump from a fuel pump. Me, not so much. I can tell you if it’s pretty, if it has original parts (usually) and if it drives well for its age.

As I was writing this post about cars, I began to think about how God relates to us. When Jesus died and rose from the grave, he did so to restore our relationship with the Father. He didn’t just want to revive a long dead relationship, he wants to restore it to its original intent; to bring about Godly beauty and functionality, according to our Master Designer, just like a classic car. Our personal, one-on-one time with our Creator was meant to be intimate, loving and experiential! So many of us miss out on this type of fulfilling relationship with our Lord. Why? In my humble opinion, I think many people just aren’t aware that it’s available through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I can’t wait till the next car show. Not only will I appreciate the beauty of these early model autos, I will also be reminded of Christ’s restorative work on Calvary for you and for me. And, unlike the intrinsic value of the car which is markedly capped at a certain amount, a restored relationship with the Father is priceless. In the end, which would you rather have in your possession? One will travel the world over while the Other travels this world and beyond. Just food for thought.

Till we meet again!




Author: ccelaynarose3

I'm happily married with five lovely children, three on this side of eternity and two with the Lord. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently reside in sunny Florida with my husband of 40 years. My passions are serving Jesus my Lord, genealogy, family, all things Disney and musical theater. My goals are to serve my Lord and Savior, care for my family and try my hand at creative writing projects. To God be the Glory!

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