To Froth! The Word of the Day

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So, I would like to write a little blurb today about the Daily Prompt word “Froth”. Instead of using it to describe that foamy, luscious top on latte or the bubbly cap on an ocean wave, I’d rather talk about the word itself. It rhymes with both broth and cloth, and can be used nicely in poetry. It’s really quite versatile in storytelling, as we have previously seen in this blog. There is no need to go on and on about it except to say that I find it a fun little word to repeat! Froth!

Have fun with the word of the day, my co-writing collaborators, and kudos to all who compose blogs, poetry and other publications in the Daily Prompts!



Author: ccelaynarose3

I'm happily married with five lovely children, three on this side of eternity and two with the Lord. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently reside in sunny Florida with my husband of 40 years. My passions are serving Jesus my Lord, genealogy, family, all things Disney and musical theater. My goals are to serve my Lord and Savior, care for my family and try my hand at creative writing projects. To God be the Glory!

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