Moments By the Creek: Musings and Memories

via Daily Prompt: Rush

In the still of the night, a hush fell over the over the old homestead. It was peaceful and quiet down by the creek that ran near the tall, stately cypress tree. The only sound that I could hear was the occasional dog barking in the distance. It was nearly midnight as I sat by myself in a little red and orange lawn chair on the weathered, wooden dock. While gazing at the stars, I began to ponder on the activities of yesteryear.

Only a decade ago, it was one of busyness. I ran at a frenetic pace to keep up with the needs of work, family and friends. It was a rush of activity from 5:00 AM until 9:00 PM, at the very least. There were clerical duties including paperwork deadlines, executive meetings and supervisory presentations. On the homefront, there were precious children to care for, home-cooked meals to make, regular school functions to attend. Then, I had time and energy for Friday date night, church ministries and girl’s day out!

When did the passing of old man time, the enemy of aging and the abuse of illness abscond with the life I once knew? Yes, I do miss those days; however, when I began to contemplate on the rushed days, the tough work weeks and oftentimes, very short nights, there are some parts, including time consuming tasks, that robbed me of precious time with family and friends. Those, I must say, I do not miss. On the contrary, I am grateful for the change in lifestyle! You see, not all change is bad. If we do not move forward with some change, then we are stuck in the background. Time doesn’t wait for us. We must move with the changes or it is like we have moved backwards because, like they say, “Time marches on”. It was then that I realized  I had just reached a time to move forward, a time to move on.

Back on the dock, I began to smile for the peace and quiet under the pale moonlight. As the creek moved along ever so slowly toward the lake, I bid the moon, the stars, and my Creator a good night. I then headed back to the comfort of my home, to kiss my sleeping husband goodnight, and thank the Lord above for such a full and blessed life.

Till we meet again!





Author: ccelaynarose3

I'm happily married with five lovely children, three on this side of eternity and two with the Lord. Originally from Massachusetts, I currently reside in sunny Florida with my husband of 40 years. My passions are serving Jesus my Lord, genealogy, family, all things Disney and musical theater. My goals are to serve my Lord and Savior, care for my family and try my hand at creative writing projects. To God be the Glory!

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